Solar range solar powered street furniture FAQs

The following information applies to all products within the solar range including the solarpost, the solarstreet light and the solarposter case unless a specific product is indicated.

How many watts does the Solarpost generate?
In bright sunlight the post generates approx. 4.1W. On an overcast day the post generates approx. 0.5W.
These values were obtained with the post having a clear view of the sky all around. They will vary greatly depending on the position of any trees or buildings in close proximity.

How many watts does the Solarposter Case generate?
In bright sunlight the solarposter case generates approx. 10.3W
On an overcast day the solarposter case generates approx. 1.25W

What is the PV collection area of the Solarpost and Solarposter Case posts?
The post has a PV collection area of 82800 mm2
The poster case has a PV collection area of 331200 mm2
Although the poster case has a collection area 4 times the post, it only generates 2.5 times as much power, due to self-shading.

Is there enough power to keep units permanently illuminated from dusk to dawn?
Yes, the light will be on permanently at a low level from dusk to dawn provided the product receives some charge every day.

How long does it typically take to re-charge the battery?
The battery is sized to run the light at a low level for 10 days with no charging. In bright sunlight a depleted battery will fully charge in under 8 hours.

How does the Solarpost perform in countries with long dark winters with little sunshine (darkness 4 p.m. – 7 a.m.)?
The Solarpost has been specifically designed to work well in Northern latitudes in the winter. The PV panels are mounted vertically give the best performance when the sun is low in the sky. The electronics module uses advanced algorithms to adjust the power supplied to the LED to give the best possible performance commensurate with the solar power received.

What is the lx level for the Solarpost on dim light and bright light?
64 lx dim light 150 lx bright light

How long does the bright light stay on when activated by the sensor?
The light stays at the brighter level for 20 seconds and then slowly fades down to the low level over approximately 7 seconds.

What is the recommended fixing distance between each Solarpost?
3 – 5 metres

What is the IP rating?
Fully potted electronics module with sealed connectors providing IP67 protection.

How long does the LED light last?
The LED light is driven a long way below its maximum rating. This makes it very efficient and provides a long life. Its calculated life is in excess of 10 years.

How long does the battery last? With what guarantee?
The battery has a calculated life of greater than five years. The warranty is for two years.

Is there a warranty on all solar components?
Yes, we offer a two year warranty on all parts.

Does the Solarpost require any maintenance?
The PV panels and LED should be cleaned once a year, preferably in autumn. Only use a non-abrasive detergent and water. DO NOT pressure wash.

How can you control the light when Solarposts are being used in a busy campus and the sensor keeps it on permanent brightness? Will it stay bright permanently?
The lighting control algorithms monitor how many times the sensor is activated and will automatically reduce the brightness and/or duration of brightup to preserve energy.

How long will the lighting posts work without any sunshine / light?
The post will work for approximately 10 days with no sunshine, assuming the battery was fully charged at the start.

What are the lx levels of the dim and brighter light on the Solarposter Case?
Dim light 16 lx brighter light 480 lx

What is the LED power consumption of the Solarpost?
Low level 120 mW bright up 600 mW

Can the solar range products be programmed to come on any time?
There is no real-time clock. Software can be developed if necessary to provide on/off times at set times after/before dawn and dusk.

Can the brightness of the lights be adjusted?
The brightness of the lights is fixed in the software. Lighting can only be adjusted by changing the software in the factory – not in the field.

Can solar range products work in total shade?
Yes, total shade was simulated by measuring the charging performance on a completely overcast day, full cloud coverage with no sun visible. Charging was measured at 0.5W. This is more than sufficient over an 8 hour period to provide over 16 hours of night running with the LED at the background level.

Should a survey be carried out to ensure the solar installation will work?
Yes. It is important to make sure that the product receives as much sun as possible during the winter. Consider overhanging trees, buildings casting shadows, positioning in the entrance of subway tunnels etc.

Can we customise the product with different colour finishes and logos?

Can we use different colour lighting? Can they flash?
Currently only white light is available. Other colours would require redesign of the LED module. The product uses a daylight white LED of around 4000K colour temperature. Different LEDs could be fitted with colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6000K.
Special software could be written to flash the LED instead of a steady light.

What colour white is the LED?
4000K colour temperature

How much does a Solarpost weight?
12 kg

Do you supply different base fixings? Is it removable?
Yes. The post is removable from the base fixing.

Does the product know its environment to give maximum productivity in the specific environment it is installed?
Yes, by monitoring how much charge it receives from day to day and the length of night it can adjust its performance to suit.

Will the product relight if the batteries run low?
Yes. The product has a built-in circuit to prevent the batteries from being completely discharged and destroyed. If kept in the dark for 24 hours it goes to sleep and wakes up when it sees light. With a fully charged battery it can remain asleep for up to one year and still wake up when it sees light.

What level of charge are the batteries shipped at?

How far is the product visible from (at low and bright light)?
10 – 20 metres

Is the product vandal resistant?

What happens with rainwater ingress and condensation issues?
All of the components are completely sealed or potted to prevent moisture ingress. IP rating 67 protection

Do you have a CSI specification data sheet?

Can you produce custom made heights?