the notice holder that needs no fixings

Finally, a notice holder for posting notices on walls, glass doors, windows, inside postercases and on notice boards that leaves no mark, needs no tape – needs no fixings.

Simply lay your notice or poster on the Postanotice sheet and then just put it on the wall or glass.
Changed your mind or need to change the message? You can peel Postanotice off as many times as you like.

Postanotice is clear so you can show double sided notices, ideal on shop windows where you want window shoppers outside to see the message as well as those who have already entered.

With sizes available from A4 to A1, Postanotice finally answers the problem of displaying a notice neatly, with no fixings and at reasonable cost.

• Non-stick – no markings – no adhesive
• Anti-glare lens cover
• Flat clean image – no ripples
• Single of double sided
• Portrait or landscape
• 20mm borders Postanotice
• +55°C to -25°C working temperature levels
• Multiple use – change time and time again
• A4, A3, A2, A1 sizes
• Use on plastered walls, glass doors and walls, windows, and inside onthecase notice boards.

Click here to download the Postanotice brochure (PDF format, 80kB)