Solarcase provides a stylish, practical and efficient way to display information throughout the day and night. They have the same interactive features as the solarpost, so people are aware of their existence from a distance at night and are able to read the information displayed easily when they approach and the illumination intensity increases.

The Solarcase has a wide variety of applications and is particularly useful in rural locations where conventional street lighting and mains electric supply does not exist or would be prohibitively expensive to install.



Key Features

  • Zero energy costs
  • Solar energy harvested from 12 vertical faces totalling 300,000 mm2
  • Ni-Mh batteries, 10 yr life -40°C to +70 °C
  • LED high performance white LED strip lighting
  • 14 Days autonomy (without daylight)
  • Battery disabled during transit or in stock
  • PIR sensors trigger LED bright-up on approach
  • Guaranteed to light from dusk to midnight




The batteries are charged throughout the day from the energy harvested from the solar panels. The Solarcase control system monitors the ambient light levels, anticipating the transition from day to night. 

The automatic transition allows for seasonal changes in light levels for any environment. As night falls, a 180 lumens per-watt white LED illuminates. The LED brightness increases for 10 seconds when people approach, and then gently dims to a lower level.

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