Technically Innovative & Contemporary Design

Designed for commercial use such as along footpaths, cycle ways, hotel and club driveways, paths between campus buildings. They are suitable for locations close to water such as marinas and canal tow paths. Solarpost lighting posts provide continuous low-level lighting throughout the hours of darkness and have built-in sensors that automatically increase illumination when they detect someone approaching. Ideal for lighting pedestrian and cycle ways, their attractive modern design fits in with any landscape environment.

  • Zero energy costs
  • Solar energy harvested from four vertical faces totalling 102,300mm2
  • Ni-Mh batteries up to 10yr life -40ºC to +85ºC
  • High performance white LED 180 lumens per watt with 71° beam.
  • 14 Days autonomy (without daylight)
  • Battery disabled during transit or in stock
  • PIR sensors trigger LED bright-up on approach


Illumination comparable with conventional lighting posts

Solarpost lighting posts are an effective alternative to conventional electrically powered pathway lighting. Installation costs are much reduced since there are no electrical connections to either a mains supply or a generator required. Advances in solar power generation coupled with advanced microprocessor control, means that Solarpost lighting posts are able to provide practical levels of illumination comparable with that of conventional, electrically powered lighting posts.




Easy installation

Since solarposts product require no hard wiring or mains or generator supply, installation is quick, simple and low cost; since no cabling or trenching is needed, there is no requirement for resurfacing, again greatly reducing costs.

Savings on installation costs are typically around 50% compared with conventional lighting bollards depending on the precise details of each project. The advantages of requiring no cabling or its associated trenching means that the appearance of hard surfaces is not impaired by “making good” and ugly repairs.

Lighting possible in difficult or remote locations

Solar powered lighting is ideal for difficult or remote location where an electrical power supply is not available and allows for lighting to be installed in such locations as parks, cycle and footpaths, car parks, campuses, industrial parks, harbours, jetties and other waterside locations. Even in town and city centres, ease of installation makes the use of solarpost lighting posts a cost-effective alternative to conventional lighting products, particularly where avoiding damage to existing hard surfaces is important.

Pathway illumination becomes economically and practically possible in the grounds of hotels and large houses where visitors and residents need to walk to car parks and garages after dark. This ensures everyone’s safety and avoids potentially costly accidents.



Strong, weatherproof and secure

Solarpost lighting posts are engineered to be strong, robust, weatherproof and secure. There are no external screws or fixings visible when the post is installed using the sub-surface base plate. Surface fixing plates can be used if necessary and the fixing bolts made tamperproof. Other fixing kits providing cast concrete or even crash/attack-resistant bases are available.

Low maintenance costs and long life

Maintenance of solarpost lighting posts is minimal requiring a simple annual inspection to check that the surfaces of the solar cells are clean to ensure maximum collection of light.

They carry a five year warranty although the battery life has been calculated to be in excess of five years and most components are specified for a minimum of 10 years of operational life.

Solarposts reduce the carbon footprint

A single solarpost lighting post used in place of a conventional lighting post (rated at 25W) will save up to 54kg of CO2 per year. With solarpost components specified for a minimum of 10 years, the total saving in CO2 emissions over that period will be more than half a tonne. For a pathway of multiple lighting posts, the savings quickly become very significant.

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