Solarstreet light

The solarstreet light uses the same advanced technology as the solarpost but is much taller with 3m and 4m options.

With it two high performance LEDs each delivering 180 lm/W and with a 71˚ beam, the solarstreet light is designed for paths and drives that require a more overall lighting solution but that retains all the advantages of low installation costs and zero energy running costs, a low carbon footprint and reduced light pollution.  Like all products in the solar range, the solarstreet light operates with two levels of illumination; a lower level when no-one is in the vicinity and a higher illumination level as soon as the unit’s passive IR sensors automatically detect the approach of a pedestrian, cyclist or car.

The solarstreet light provides 14 days of autonomy, that is it will continue to provide illumination for up to 14 days even when there is no sunlight.

All our solar range products are shipped fully charged.

All onthecase solar products carry a two year guarantee and have an expected life in excess of 10 years.

Solarpost technical specification